Houdini Superhero Project Mysteriously Reappears

Tuesday, February 22 by

Harry Houdini is joining the ranks of Sherlock Holmes, Edgar Allan Poe, and Leonardo Da Vinci. That’s right. He’s the latest historical figure to inexplicably get the action hero makeover.

While Dreamworks already has a Houdini/Sir Arthur Conan Doyle buddy flick in the works, Fox has hired Noah Oppenheimer to adapt The Secret Life of Houdini: The Making Of America’s First Superhero. So suck on that, Captain America.

The story purports that Houdini was actually a spy who worked with police organizations. At least he’s no fighting zombies. That we’re aware of. The full-on action film is being compared to Indiana Jones and will likely be rushed through production to beat Dreamworks out of the gate. I wish that I could be around a hundred years from now to watch a movie about David Blaine’s secret double-life as the anti-terror specialist that captures Osama Bin Laden. (THR)

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