Hot Twins Catfight at ‘Transylmania’ Audition

Monday, November 9 by

No man can resist a good catfight. It usually occurs when two, or God willing, multiple women desire the same thing, and a viscerale settlement of the dispute erupts through clawing and vicious tickling. In the case of the Garza Twins, the sisters both wanted a role in the comedy Transylmania, and when the director left the room at the audition they vied for it. And oh is the vieing sweet. 

Check out the blonde-on-blonde action after the jump.

You can watch the trailer for Transylmania here, and even enter a contest where the winner gets to go out on a date with the Garza Twins. If you’re lucky, at the end of night they’ll be throwin’ down over you. You can thank me with a video of the brawl.   

Transylmania opens December 4th. 


Hot Twins Catfight at Audition – Watch more Funny Videos

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