Eli Roth's horror movie/torture porn Hostel might not seem like an ideal candidate for an amusement park attraction. Or it might not seem that way if you're not familiar with "Halloween Horror Nights" at Universal Studios in Hollywood. Around Halloween every year, the theme park transforms into a theme-park-sized haunted house every night, and people who like to pretend someone is chasing them with a chainsaw pay between 50 and 100 dollars to get in. This year, one of the mazes in the park will be based on Hostel - and not only that, director Eli Roth is designing the maze himself. Here's Roth on the project:
"Creating a maze for Halloween Horror Nights is a horror fan's dream come true. I've been visiting Halloween Horror Nights for years, and still remember the heart-pounding terror of going through the mazes for the first time."

[post-video postid="5894"]Alrighty! Presumably "Hostel: Hunting Season" will involve visitors checking into the titular hostel only to find they're being used as fodder for psycho torturers, like the movie. Or maybe it will have visitors in the role of the torturers, being hunted by their former prisoners. That'd be kind of neat. Does anybody have Eli Roth's phone number? (Guardian)