Hooray For Hollywood: Throwing A Football On An L.A. County Beach Could Cost You $1,000

Thursday, February 9 by
Hopefully this will keep the trash off the beach. 

I’ve always wondered why there’s no NFL franchise in Los Angeles, and up until now, I was content to blame immigrants or the “Gay Mafia.” But as it turns out, I was wrong (perdón, fellas). Now I think it was the L.A. Board of Supervisors all along.

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The board has raised the fine for throwing a football or Frisbee on a public beach to $1,000. I’m not sure if I’m more shocked by the price of the fine, or by the fact that throwing a football at the beach is already illegal.

According to the L.A. Times, the updated rules now prohibit “‘any person to cast, toss, throw, kick or roll’ any object other than a beach ball or volleyball” during the Summer beach season. I assume this will not apply to rolling a joint, provided you have the proper paperwork.

Between this and the L.A. City Council’s decision to mandate condoms in porn, Los Angeles is beginning to feel like Nazi Germany, except, of course, for the lack of antisemitism, the lack of militarism, and the staggering array of different races, languages and cultures. But otherwise, it’s just like it! (Source)

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