The media has a way of perpetuating the notion that all news stories in and around Hollywood have to do with the glamorous entertainment industry. We at Screen Junkies would like to give our readers the entire story, and that means offering some Los Angeles-based news that might not make it to ‘USWeekly’ or Entertainment Tonight.

In an incident that proves that LA celebrities, in this case, a musician, are just like regular people all over America, Arune Kavaliauskaite was arrested for allegedly trying to run over a park worker after he had asked her repeatedly to leash her dog in a park near Pasadena.

As the worker tried to take a picture of the license plate of the car belonging to Arune, lead singer of Arune & Alternatives (If you haven’t heard of them yet, you will!!!), she did the neighborly thing and attempted to run him over and kill him.

Unsurprisingly, Arune’s car was a white Mustang convertible, the exact same white Mustang convertible that all the slightly overweight slutty girls in college drive. Way to keep good company, Arune!

She was arrested at her home and released on $30,000 bail, which is probably more money than she will make in the next two years or so.

Hooray for Hollywood!

Note: I could link to her YouTube video here, but won’t because it’s only got like 250 views, and I think that’s pretty funny and want it to stay that way.