The media has a way of perpetuating the notion that all news stories in and around Hollywood have to do with the glamorous entertainment industry. We at Screen Junkies would like to give our readers the entire story, and that means offering some Los Angeles-based news stories that might not make to 'USWeekly' or Entertainment Tonight

At 11 PM last Wednesday, a Los Angeles woman named Khadijah Baseer was walking through the drive-thru of a Los Angeles McDonald's, offering to blow customers for McNuggets.

Actually, the news didn't specify what kind of sexual favor Baseer was offering, but I will be goddamned if I'm gonna part with nuggets for a handski. The police were notified by a man that Baseer propositioned. He turned her down, even though a blowjob in exchange for McNuggets, even 100 of them, is a pretty great deal. My girlfriend charges me 70 McNuggets, and we've been dating for six years.

Baseer was picked up on suspicion of prostitution, but she's probably back on the street already, so let's all head over to the McDonald's at 1700 Olive Street and have a happy ending with our Happy Meals. (Burbank Leader)