Hooray For Hollywood: Los Angeles Jailbird Collects $30,000 In Unemployment While In Prison

Monday, March 5 by

It’s funny because it exposes fundamental flaws in our civil services!

An inmate in L.A. County jail, Anthony “Chopper” Garcia, is in slightly more trouble now that he’s been found to have fraudulently collect more than $30,000’s worth of unemployment benefits while serving a sentence for murder.

Normally, this infraction would be considered a rounding error of the original crime of murder, but we’re only two weeks removed from the Oscars, and news is still pretty slow, so let’s discuss this further.

While incarcerated, Garcia had his father and two (!) girlfriends cash the checks, then deposit them in his inmate account. This set of the circumstances begs the question of “Why the shit do inmates need cash accounts?” But we’re not Mother Jones or The New Republic, so we’ll let the fat cats in Washington sort that out while we berate teenagers on XBox live.

Now is as good a time as any to add that Anthony Garcia has a tattoo on his chest which depicts the crime he committed, and that tattoo was used as evidence against him. That’s awesome. Shortsighted, but awesome.

The media has a way of perpetuating the notion that all news stories in and around Hollywood have to do with the glamorous entertainment industry. We at Screen Junkies would like to give our readers the entire story, and that means offering some Los Angeles-based news that might not make it into ‘USWeekly’ or Entertainment Tonight.

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