Hooray For Hollywood: Del Taco Toilet Tussle Ends In Broken Bones

Wednesday, February 22 by
Their restrooms are in high demand.  

A 64-year-old fast-food patron suffered a broken arm after he was thrown to the ground and kicked repeatedly by a 62-year-old homeless man. But what makes this story really pop is the fact that the fight was over a toilet in a Montebello, CA, Del Taco restroom. This may seem petty, but if you’ve eaten Del Taco, then you’d know that those toilets are the equivalent of land in the gold rush.

The homeless man was taking his time in the restroom when the other man tried to enter. The homeless man then allegedly kicked the victim repeatedly, because that’s the proportional response when someone tries to enter the restroom.

The homeless guy was arrested, but expect him to be kicking people over restrooms again by this time tomorrow.

On the plus side, this is one of the most upbeat Hooray for Hollywood stories we’ve published (because no one actually died).

The media has a way of perpetuating the notion that all news stories in and around Hollywood have to do with the glamorous entertainment industry. We at Screen Junkies would like to give our readers the entire story, and that means offering some Los Angeles-based news that might not make it into ‘USWeekly’ or Entertainment Tonight.

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