"Homeless radio guy" Ted Williams is FINALLY getting his reality show. That took a lot longer than anyone would have guessed, no?

For those who can't remember what happened a month back, Ted Williams was the homeless gentleman who became an internet sensation with his pitch-perfect radio voice. He was quickly targeted for hire by many companies that wanted a human interest story and some publicity. After scoring a gig with his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers in an announcing capacity, it was revealed that Mr. Williams has a smattering of children across the nation and hadn't been as sober as he led people to believe. It was right around this time that the nation started to forget who he was (nine days after being discovered).

Ted Williams' reality show is titled "Second Chances at Life," and will film in Cleveland, Brooklyn and LA, following Williams and his estranged family as he attempts to put the pieces of his former life back together. It will be interesting to see what kind of celebrity circle of friends he develops in his bi-coastal lifestyle. My guess: Kevin Connelly, Natasha Lyonne, Phillip Baker Hall, Vincent Gallo, Dina Lohan (with whom he may or may not "canoodle") and Topher Grace.

Whoops, I accidentally just talked myself in to watching every episode of this show. (Vulture)