Susanne Bier, Deadline's pick for best foreign language Oscar this Sunday for her Danish film In A Better World, is next slated to direct a remake of the French thriller Rapt. She's writing the script with her World co-writer Anders Thomas Jensen. One of Rapt's producers, Thomas Milling Smith, had this to say about hiring Bier for the remake:
“The underlying story is definitely a high stakes thriller but it’s also a very strong character piece. That’s why we went after Susanne to re-imagine it with Anders because she was keen to work on a thriller. At the same time she’s one of the best when it comes to getting into the nuances of character and making it authentic.”

The original Rapt, which is inspired by a true story, concerns a corporate chairman who is held for ransom by a gang of criminals. Now, I can't say that I've seen the original Rapt or even Bier's In A Better World, but I can say this: French thrillers are terrifying, and the Danish are precise. If my calculations are correct, this movie math will work out in our favor. (Deadline)