Thanks to Battle: Los Angeles' melting the face of the box office this past weekend, studios are falling all over themselves to pick up scripts with laser noises appearing in the scene description.

A few sci-fi pitches were picked up on Monday, and now there's word that two more fictional scientific stories have been bought. Fox ignored the existence of Jurassic Park III and went ahead and bought a pitch from Jurassic Park III writer Peter Buchman. Meanwhile, Paramount has bought a pitch from Apollo 18's Brian Miller. There are no details available about either. So don't even try to copy them.

I'm all for more science-fiction stories as long as they are good. Maybe we should run them by Roger Ebert so he doesn't go house again like he did with his Battle: Los Angeles review. Otherwise, I'm concerned the studios are setting themselves up for failure by jumping on the wrong trend. Ask yourself, was the real star of Battle: Los Angeles the special effects or Aaron Eckhart's chin crater? (via /Film)