Some stories you wish you could just write a headline for and leave be. This is one such story. Everything I want people to know is in the headline, but there's more information to be gleaned, so here we go.

On October 5th, Hilary Swank attended the birthday soiree for Ramzan Kadyrov, the President of Chechnya who has been accused of a litany of human rights violations including executions, torture, and abductions.

She claims she wasn't familiar with Kadyrov's human rights record when she attended, which the Human Rights Foundation disputes, claiming that they had sent her a notice pleading with her not to attend, to which Swank's manager replied that she had no plans to attend the event in question.

A discrepancy of this nature can only lead to one conclusion: Hilary Swank is a proponent of the execution and torture of innocent Chechens. 

Also in attendance of the event was Mr. Jean-Claude Van Damme who reportedly said to the reputed tyrant "I love you, Mr. Kadyrov," which is the greatest news I'm going to hear all day.