Hilary Swank caused quite a stir recently when she became suddenly relevant by accepting cash to appear at the birthday party of tyrannical Chechen president Ramzan Kadyrov. Now, heads are ready to roll in a more figurative, non-Kadyrovian kind of way.

Swank has fired her long-time manager, Jason Weinberg, as well as a few CAA agents from her team. Jeez, you get your client a gig saluting ONE brutal dictator and this is the thanks you get? Hollywood.

Many feel that the blame should fall on Swank herself, who claims she had no knowledge of the leader's human rights record. However, the Human Rights Foundation disputes this, claiming that they had sent her a notice pleading with her not to attend, to which Swank’s manager replied that she had no plans to attend the event. But it seems that he underestimated her love of birthday cake.

Sounds like a mess but perhaps these firings were long overdue. Ask yourself which is worse: sending your client to serenade a violent mad man, or sending your client to star in The Reaping? (The Independent)