‘Highlander’ Gets ‘Twilight’-ified, Because That’s Where The Money Is

Wednesday, February 9 by

Fact: the only movies making money right now are the Twilight movies. Don’t bother looking up whether that’s true on Box Office Mojo, you won’t find anything there but a bunch of gibberish actual box office numbers. Anyway, the kids love the Twilight, and its influence can be seen in a bunch of upcoming films. That might be why Summit hired Twilight Saga writer Melissa Rosenberg to pen their upcoming reboot/remake/refart of Highlander.

I expect Rosenberg will make an easy transition to this project, since there’s a lot of overlap between Highlander and Twilight:

  1. The main characters ar immortals.
  2. There’s romantic longing between mortals and immortals.
  3. Tons of shirtless teenage boys.
  4. Those teenage boys have glittery abs.
  5. Tween girls love movies about sexy vampires and sword-wielding Scotsmen.

The movie will be produced by Peter Davis and directed by Justin Lin (Fast Five). Hopefully Lin won’t allow the complete tweenification of Connor MacLeod, and maybe he’ll wedge an awesome car chase / sword fight or two in there. (Hollywood Reporter)

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