Namey Award winner Armie Hammer, who doubled your Winkelvoss in The Social Network, is officially confirmed to star in The Lone Ranger as... the masked guy. What's his name? White horse, the movie's named after the dude... Tonto? No, that's gonna be Johnny Depp. Damn it, this is gonna bug me all day.

Hammer will ride for director Gore Verbinski and producer Jerry Bruckheimer in Disney's big screen revival of the classic Western series. He's also got a supporting role in the upcoming J. Edgar Hoover biopic and he'll play the prince in Th Brothers Grimm: Snow White, just one in an infinite number of Snow White projects in the works. However, this looking-to-start-a-franchise movie could be the spurs to the sides of the horse that is Hammer's career. The horse is named "Ol' Careery."

No official release date yet for Disney's Lone Ranger, but it could ride into theaters as early as fall 2012. (Variety)