The most "official Bob Marley documentary is more or less in the can, and courtesy of Magnolia pictures, it will be hitting theaters on 4/20, which is awesome because 4/20 and Bob Marley.

The film, titled simply Marley, was directed by the acclaimed Kevin McDonald, who made a name for himself with Last King of Scotland. Further, this is the first documentary made with the cooperation of the Marley clan, which means that there should be lots of previously unseen pics of him smoking a joint that would look really awesome as a poster on your wall.

If you can't wait until 4/20 to see the documentary, you can always try to score yourself a ticket to the Berlin Film Festival, where it's premiering, or, more likely, SXSW Film, where it's always sort of 4/20.

Let's all celebrate by turning our speakers out our dorm room wall and blasting "Buffalo Soldier."