Hey Look, That Guy Has a Crappy Tarzan Movie!

Wednesday, September 3 by

I hope little Shia’s terrible CG performance in the last Indiana Jones movie hasn’t soured you too badly on vine swinging, because you’re going to have a whole movie full of Tarzan to deal with. The bad news is that, because Guillermo Del Toro is too busy poking around in Middle Earth, it’s going to be directed by Stephen Sommers, otherwise known as the guy who hit us with The Mummy and the affront to the movie gods known as Van Helsing.

This is the part of the article when I was all ready to make a bunch of Brendan Fraser jokes, but then I remembered that he was George of the Jungle and not Tarzan. So, even though they’re exactly the same stupid thing, you’re getting a pass this time, Fraser.

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