Ready to jump from making TV shows about teens to making movies about teens, writer/producer Josh Schwartz ("Gossip Girl," "The OC") will make his feature debut with the Halloween comedy Fun Size for Paramount. He has a script by Max Werner ("The Daily Show"), a ton of candy and an unmarked van. Now to cruise around Hollywood, kidnap a kid and turn him into a star. Actually, Schwartz is going the traditional/somewhat-less-creepy route of auditioning.

Are you 8-years-old, 16-years-old, or 28-years old with a ton of rosy cheek make-up and a backpack? Then you can audition. Here's what they're looking for:
ALBERT: 8 years old, with chubby cheeks. Albert is undeniably a strange but intriguing little boy, combining childlike ways (like love of anything sugar) with unnerving adult habits (he’s unbeatable on the videogame “Aggravated Assault,” precocious, and is unflappable – even ingenious – in a crisis). He does not speak until the end of the movie. (LEAD)

STUART: 16 years old. Born and raised in the United States. Stuart is of Asian, East Indian or Middle Eastern descent. Slight in build, Stuart is a kid who talks twice his size. Obsessed with sci-fi and comic books, he is the co-captain of the debate team with his best friend, Roosevelt. (LEAD)

More info on actually auditioning here. Remember, backwards baseball caps make anyone look 16, even if they have an obvious 5 o'clock shadow.

The film is about a teenage girl who loses her little brother while trick-or-treating. It's supposed to be like Superbad meets Adventures In Babysitting, the combination of which I can get behind. (ComingSoon)