Stephen Tobolowsky is definitely "that guy." You instantly recognize him when you see him in a film or on television, but chances are, you don't know his name. Some might view that as an insult, but I think it's more of a testament to his skill as a character actor. With over 200 films under his belt, Tobolowsky has been a staple in Hollywood for decades. And to celebrate his illustrious career (which after tonight, will include an appearance on "Community"), we've compiled five of our favorite Stephen Tobolowsky moments. Enjoy.

Ned Ryerson - Groundhog Day

What Stephen Tobolowsky feature would be complete without his appearance in Groundhog Day? In the film, he plays that guy from everyone's past...the one they never want to see again (i.e. me).

Captain of the Guard - Spaceballs

I bet you didn't even remember that Tobolowsky was in this Mel Brooks' classic. Well, that's your fault. You shouldn't drink so much. Watch the hilarious "Stunt Double" scene and see for yourself.

Tor Eckman - "Seinfeld"

Tobolowsky has starred in his fair share of movies, but he's also appeared in some of the most popular shows on television, Seinfeld being perhaps the most popular. In this episode (The Heart Attack), he plays Tor Eckman, Kramer's holistic healer. It doesn't end well for George, but then again, nothing does.

Commissioner Hugo Jarry - "Deadwood"

This role is a long way from "Groundhog Day." Tobolowsky plays Commissioner Hugo Jarry, a corrupt public official with a penchant for whores. If you've ever wanted to see Tobolowsky blow bubbles at a topless woman's breasts while yelling "titties," then I suggest you check this scene out. Sorry we couldn't supply the video.

Sammy Jenkins - Memento

In Memento, Tobolowsky plays Sammy Jenkins, a character with short-term memory loss. Although his story is told entirely through flashbacks, his role is crucial in explaining the plot of the film. It's a memorable role in a film about memory. My God! How ironic.