In his short career, Michael Cera has been habitually taken to task for playing "Michael Cera" in virtually every role. I feel it's a pretty fair criticism, and perhaps Cera does too, as he's taking some pretty drastic steps to buck the status quo. Like speaking only in Spanish for his next movie, which is set in Chile. Way to shake things up, George Michael!

The tricky part here is that Cera, despite having a 1:1 vowel-to-consonant ratio in his last name, doesn't speak Spanish. Or at least, he didn't. His Youth in Revolt director, Miguel Areta, has said that Cera is spending five hours a day working on his Spanish for an upcoming film from Sebastian Silva (The Maid). Cera's got Latin fever like it's 1999 up in this piece. No other details have come forth regarding the film, though it would be pretty funny if in a different language and country, Michael Cera is still accused of playing the same aloof everyman he always does. He could have just done something as simple as shaving his head or working with an accent coach, but speaking Spanish and going to Chile should get the job done, too. (Playlist)