Today we have set photos from two completely unrelated films; Wes Craven's Scream 4 and David Koepp's Premium Rush. They're just boring enough to not warrant their own posts, while simultaneously movie-related enough to warrant me having to form an opinion about them.


The young cast of Scream 4 re-enacts the fountain scene from the original film that introduced the world to a young Jamie Kennedy. Does this mean we'll soon get a hidden camera prank show starring Hayden Panettiere? That all depends on the accuracy of her Mafia guy impression.

Suspiciously absent from this picture is Emma Roberts. As far as we know she is the lead, but wouldn't that mean she would appear in more spy photos? Could this be an elaborate ruse to throw the audience off the super-guarded material? Also, what is with that kid's hair? (via DailyMail)

Angels In The Outfield's Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars in David Koepp's Premium Rush as a bike messenger racing across Manhattan with a corrupt cop in hot pursuit. I'm already bracing myself for the disappoint I'll feel when there isn't a scene where Joe Levitt rides his bike up the spine of a brontosaurus at the Museum Of Natural History. Missed opportunity right there. (via JustJared)