In the Lionsgate documentary The People Vs. George Lucas, Gary Kurtz, producer of Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back got pretty critical of George Lucas' prequels. While it may seem like he's hardly an objective party, that doesn't mean he's wrong. In fact. He's right. The prequels were very, very bad. They had Jake Lloyd and JarJar Binks and both those things totally suck.

While he admires the films' technical achievements, he has "trouble with them on several different levels," like story and character development.

Yikes. Those are pretty important levels.

So, in summation, this is a news story because a guy involved with the original Star Wars films hates the new ones just as much as we do. Why are we reporting this? Because Goerge Lucas hasn't suffered enough for what he's done.

Seriously, dude. Pod races? Seriously.