If there was a low-budget film about a bunch of people that get captured by a madman and held to fend off deadly sharks, we would get a good chuckle out of it, and maybe we would report on it and maybe we wouldn't. However, that little movie (called Bait, by the way) gets a LOT more interesting once it's revealed that the script was written by Brett Easton Ellis and the project is going to be helmed by the dude who wrote the seminal Taxi Driver Paul Schrader, who is also polishing B.E.E.'s script.

Color me intrigued. No other details have been given about the project, and frankly, none need be. Brett Easton Ellis has penned a script that sounds like one of the throwaway projects bandied about in his novels. Even the title, Bait, sounds like the type of film that his characters mock.

It will be interesting to see how he works rich, bisexual coke addicts into this premise. Maybe it's one of the sharks.