Renegade director (and sometimes crazy person) Werner Herzog's next film is Queen Of The Desert, a sweeping period piece set in the early twentieth century, and he wants Naomi Watts for the lead. Watts would play the titular role, a real life British woman named Gertrude Bell who, among other things, was a writer, archaeologist, cartographer, explorer, and political attache, and who aided in the founding the modern states of Iraq and Jordan.

Although there is no start date for filming and no studio (yet) backing this potentially expensive film, Hezog has never had a problem bringing a film in on (or usually under) budget. The director, always a total workhorse, has two other projects in development, but knowing Herzog, expect this film to be completed and released in the next week, and expect it to feature raw, unbridled intensity. And also Naomi Watts! (The Playlist)