The fact that Whoopi doesn't deny it or play it off is the real crime here. She's a lady (sort of)! She should be all, "these corduroy pants make the darndest noise when I shift my weight to and fro!" While I don't enjoy this by any means, I expect more women on The View to fart. Like, one an hour, at least.

But she doesn't. I can't say for certain how she responds to her own fart because I refuse to watch the video a second time, but she owns up to it and tries to move on. Which is the least classy thing you can ever do. Ever. Here's a ranking of how much I would like to see The View women fart:

1: Barbara Walters (don't get me wrong, I'm not looking forward to it or anything, but this is the most excusable.)

2. Elisabeth Hasselbeck (hot girls can get away with a little more)

3. Sherri Shepherd (I don't know who this is, but she can't be as bad as...)

4. Tie Whoopi Goldberg/Joy Behar (just disgusting)

I'm sorry we ruined your holidays.