Mind the quotation marks, people. Beloved actor Henry Winkler ("Happy Days," The Waterboy, "Children's Hospital") has signed on to star with Kevin James in next summer's Here Comes The Boom, a new movie that is being described as a comedy. The film, which stars Kevin James as a physics teacher who starts a side career as a mixed martial arts fighter to raise money to save the music program at his school and winds up fighting in the UFC. That's right, the music program, not the science program. Why, you ask? Probably because he has a crush on the music teacher (I will bet you all one American dollar that I'm right).

Winkler will play a yet to be determined role, but you can bet that he'll provide some kind of support for James' character. Maybe he'll be the principal at the school where he teaches, and while he's terrified of Ultimate Fighting, he's very sweet and supportive while also having a weird quirk! Allan Loeb and his brother James will write, while Frank Corachi, director of this summer's Kevin James romp, The Zookeeeper, will be behind the camera, so you just know the film will have a light, subtle touch of a Merchant Ivory production. Here Comes The Boom will be released on July 27, 2012, just in time for your Apocalypse BBQ. (The Playlist)