Henry Lennix Is A ‘Man Of Steel’, Naomie Harris Is A ‘Mrs. Moneypenny’

Friday, July 8 by

Man of Steel continues its casting parade with Henry Lennix, a veteran actor best known from his work in Ray and The Matrix franchise, as General Swanwick. While it’s pretty clear that “General Swanwick” will be an army dude, beyond that, the role of his character isn’t clear. He could play the trigger-happy military dude that wants to shoot Superman out of the sky. There’s always that role.

For the 23rd installment of the James Bond franchise, it would seem we’re becoming reacquainted with an old friend by the name of Moneypenny, Bond’s administrative boss that has been conspicuously absent during the previous Daniel Craig entries. The role will be played this time around by Naomie Harris, who made a name for herself in 28 Days Later. She should really start practicing her eye-rolling now when Bond tells her that he’s “polled the electorate” or makes some pun on the word “come.”

Ms. Moneypenny: the original hater.

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