With Zack Snyder's Man of Steel gearing up for theaters and Justice League happening at some point in the nearish future, there have been questions about casting. Will Henry Cavill play the last son of Krypton in both, or will another dark-haired actor squeeze into the tights?

Today, for the first time, we've received a hint that Cavill may lead both films. The New York Post tried to get the info from Zack Snyder. When asked if there were plans to work his Superman into Warner Bros's larger DC universe, Snyder answered:
"Um, how can I answer that? I can't really say anything to that, because that's a big spoiler. I will say, yeah, they trust me to keep them on course."

We could take that to mean that Warners are pulling a Marvel and filming easter eggs that tie individual films into a larger superhero team-up film. I guess we'll know for sure when Man of Steel opens in 2013, but we urge Warners not to have too many dudes playing Superman hanging around. It's starting to confuse the baby. (NY Post)