Christina Hendricks, best known as the whip-smart, acid tongued office manager Joan Holloway on AMC's"Mad Men," is using her hiatus from that show to star in a new film entitled Seconds Of Pleasure.

The film, scripted by playwright (and Lakeview Terrace director!!) Neil Labute and directed by Mike Figgis, concerns the lives of several people who interconnect over a series of vignettes. Hendricks will play a woman who catches her husband, played by Brendan Fraser, in a compromising position. Julia Stiles, Matt Dillon, and Kristen Scott Thomas will also star. If you're looking for a twist that will make this different than everyone other indie movie about separate lives connecting BESIDES the fact that it will star Encino Man, how's about THIS doozy: The whole thing takes take place on an airplane!! Roger, Roger, what's our vector, Victor INDEED. (Deadline)