Good news for fans of Jean-Claude Van Damme movies that they feel would have been better without Jean-Claude Van Damme! You're getting a remake of one of his classics.

Nope. Not Bloodsport. Not Kickboxer. Not Universal Soldier. TIMECOP!

Remarkably, this sequel has been in the works since 2010, which means it pretty much pre-dated the more notable remakes of Robocop and Total Recall from that era.

The new film will be more of a police story with the sci-fi aspects "in the background," so expect to see a loose cannon cop beating a perp with a phone book to get a confession while a hovering car floats silently in the background.

Not much else is known, other than there is no mention of JCVD anywhere, which makes me think this whole thing is some sort of sick joke.