Heathcliff Is Getting A CGI Film. No, Not Garfield. Heathcliff.

Wednesday, October 17 by
He's awfully cocksure for someone occupying a supply closet.  

While we’re all pretty comfortable declaring Heathcliff a fairly shameless Garfield knock-off, it’s just not true. Heathcliff came first. Garfield first appeared in 1978, while Heathcliff first appeared in 1973. So despite the fact that Heathcliff had first-mover advantage, we don’t know whether Heathcliff: hates Mondays, enjoys Italian pasta casseroles, is lazy, is kind of a dick, mumbles, and just generally makes everyone around him feel like shit.

After typing that, I seriously have no idea why anyone likes Garfield.

After people realize how miserable a creation Garfield is, there will open up a gap in the marketplace, and Heathcliff will casually slide in and give us our fill of corpulent orange cats. Ensuring this will happen is news that a Heathlcliff movie is on the horizon from the same people who brought us Alvin and the Chipmunks, so you know it’ll be good.


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