Johnny Depp has a pretty exciting upcoming slate with remakes of The Thin Man and The Night Stalker both on his to-do list. However, those projects won't present the actor the opportunity to wear something ridiculous on his head.

He started out modestly with a bowler hat in Benny & Joon, before working his way to top hat with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Alice In Wonderland (with an extended sojourn into dreadlocks for Pirates of the Caribbean). Those looks were strange but not outrageous enough. Which leads us to The Lone Ranger's dead bird hat. Looking forward, is Depp attempting to out-crazy his craziest hat yet?

It looks like that is his intention.

Depp is considering taking the lead role in Mortimer Wintergreen. Based loosely on the 1987 Myron Levoy young adult novel The Magic Hat of Mortimer Wintergreen, the family film will focus on siblings who runaway to go on adventures with the titular character, a man who wears "a magical hat with a mind of its own." Jack Thorne is writing, and Nanny McPhee's Susanna White is attached to direct. Depp will produce and potentially star but is waiting to see the script first. Unless someone starts shopping around a movie about a man made out of hats, you can likely count on his participation. (THR)