HBO’s Rich History Of Shocking Character Deaths

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Omar – The Wire

Omar comin’!

And then Omar went.

Fan favorite and closest-thing-to-a-hero Omar Little may go down in TV history as one of the most compelling characters ever, but that didn’t make him immortal in David Simon’s rich Baltimore landscape. Having inspired fear and garnered respect from even the most hardened criminals, Omar spent the later episodes hobbling around, clearly primed for an earlydeath. But no one would have guessed it would have come while buying smokes, and at the hands of a neighborhood boy who couldn’t have been older than 10.

Fun fact: The boy that kills Omar is one of the kids running around the streets “playing” Omar in an earlier season.

Ned Stark – Game of Thrones

The focal character of the entire show, Ned Stark was the face of all that was good and true in Winterfell. When that weasel Joffrey ascended to the throne, it was the hope of many characters (and viewers) that Ned would lead the insurrection and free the people of tyranny. However, in a plot twist that was over as soon as it began, Joffrey rejects Ned’s plea for mercy and exile, instead calling for his head.

The world created in Game of Thrones has enough engaging characters that Ned’s absence won’t hinder season two, but it will certainly ply us with more ammunition against the Joffrey, as though we needed any.

Jimmy Darmody – Boardwalk Empire

True to every other show mentioned thus far, the characters of Boardwalk Empire have made decisions that put them in harm’s way every moment of their lives, so it should have come as no surprise that Nucky sought recourse for the attempt on his life. But after seeing Jimmy’s actions over the past two episodes (kill his father, control the estate, solidify partnership with Chalky White, make amends with Nucky), we didn’t expect him to meet his end quite so soon. We knew Nucky’s blood had run cold, but it appeard that their meeting at Jimmy’s house had put matters to rest, until Nucky chose to believe his brother over Jimmy.

Before dealing the death blow, a vindictive Nucky stands over the wounded Darmody and utters slowly and coldly, that he’s “not looking for forgiveness.” Yikes.

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