HBO Wusses Out on Preacher Series

Wednesday, August 27 by

Admittedly, I’m not a huge comic nerd, but there are some titles that I’m pretty fond of. Preacher is definitely one of them, which is why it makes me kind of sad that the planned HBO series based on the comics has died a painful death before it ever had a chance to live. The good news is, that we didn’t end up with some toned-down version of an epicly violent story.

Maybe there is some positive in this, though, because the guy slated to make the series was Mark Steven Johnson, also known as the guy behind both Daredevil and Ghost Rider as well as a whole assload of even shittier movies. Yeah, ouch. I still have faith that the success of Watchmen next year will ensure that every comic book ever written will get turned into a movie at some point. And since there’s almost no way you could adapt Preacher into anything even remotely PG-13, we could still end up with something good. Please don’t take away my hope. It’s really all I have.

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