HBO Is Totally C*ck-Blocking Netflix

Friday, January 6 by
Why are Mommy and Daddy fighting? 

HBO has never allowed Netflix to stream their content and now the pay-cable channel has announced that they are cutting off Netflix‘s supply of DVDs as well. Why are you two fighting? Please don’t make me choose. I want to live with both of you!!

Actually it’s pretty obvious why these two are fighting. It’s a strategic move on the part of HBO to create a non-news story with a sensational headline in order to hurt its competitor. Netflix can easily get DVDs of HBO shows from a third party at a higher price, so I don’t see how this will effect subscriber service. This is HBO’s bid to position their HBO GO streaming service with more value in the marketplace before opening it wide for non-channel subscribers.

Not only does this strengthen HBO’s product, but it also puts them in good favor with the movie studios that have been looking for ways to crush Netflix. This must be how Randy and Evi Quaid feel everyday of their life.

Dirty pool, HBO! (Consumerist)

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