With "Entourage" coming to a close, HBO needs to act fast if they want to remain the go-to cable source for shows about guys I'd like to punch. Enter Dick Cheney.

Like a phoenix rising from the douchebag ashes, the former Vice President will lead the charge to ensure viewers ball up their fists in anger. The network is developing the book Angler: The Cheney Vice Presidency into a miniseries. The material will cover his early days in the Nixon administration and follow throughout his ambitious rise to power until the exciting third act where Darth Vader throws him down a chasm as he's giving the lightning to Luke Skywalker.

"We just really needed to put one of the worst people imaginable on television," says an HBO spokesperson that I just invented in my head. "We're all a fan of what Jeremy Piven did. We'll always be thankful to Jeremy, but it was just time to put some other dildo-face on the schedule. That's just how networks operate."

No word yet on when Charlie Sheen will be cast for the role. (Deadline)