Unless HBO also starts developing new days of the week to air their original programming, something's gotta give. The cable juggernaut announced today that it will be adding Leonardo DiCaprio's Beat the Reaper to its development lineup. The series, which per unofficial HBO rules, is based on a book, follows a doctor in Witness Protection, who gets tracked down and must wrestle with the demons of his former life, as a hitman for the mob.

Medical drama? Mafia drama? This show's got something for everyone. Of course, the development timeline on this project is anyone's guess, as HBO is absolutely brimming with projects right now. But, all other things held equal, I'm going to guess that the mafia one that was brought to them by Leonardo DiCaprio won't be far from the top of the list.

There's no indication that DiCaprio will be acting in this series, though he was originally interested in a movie adaptation of the book. Still, though...Leonardo DiCaprio! Eh? Eh?