While it's no surprise that HBO has rolled out some pretty strong television in Veep, Silicon Valley, and, of course, Game of Thrones, it seems that the lineup is translating into some of the best ratings the network has ever seen for its original series.

Game of Thrones is up about 25% from where it was last year, Veep is up 17% over last year, and Silicon Valley, which doesn't have a previous season to compare against, has carried about 5.4 million viewers per episode, which...sounds like a lot.

While these numbers are impressive, the fact they're on a network that requires not only cable service, but an additional premium subscription that costs more than Netflix makes them downright gaudy.

Of course, this is arguably the best face that HBO can put forward, considering that their drama lineup is pretty weak these days outside Game of Thrones. But enough about that. Let's stay positive and just be happy that some good television is experiencing success. Hopefully at the expense of some singing competition or something.