There's a lot of things that are funny about electronic dance music. Ibiza. Bottle service. Day clubs. Artists with names like "Tiesto." Hopefully HBO will realize those things are all funny in its new half-hour comedy about electronic dance music, rather than treat the scene with reverence, because, come on. REVERENCE?

From no less than Irvine Welsh, Will Smith (!), Jay-Z, and Calvin Harris comes the TV project about which little is known other than: It's 30 minutes, fictional, and a comedy.

Smith and -Z seem to be taking their relationship to a new level after having produced Black Annie together, but it's still a little confusing as to how a project like this became their second stop.

Jada Pinkett Smith is also producing, which means we can expect Jaden Smith to make a cameo as either a turntable, or possibly a bottle of Ciroc vodka.