Hathaway To Share Cruise’s Shame In ‘Rock Of Ages’?

Friday, February 11 by

Well, the largest domino has fallen, so with Tom Cruise set to star in Rock of Ages, it appears that the producers are preparing to knock over another equally large domino in Anne Hathaway as his co-star. (I tend to view both Cruise and Hathaway as large dominoes and little else.) Hathaway has entered talks to star in the musical as a rock journalist who intends to write an expose on Tom Cruise’s Stacee Jaxx, but instead goes ahead and falls in love with him. Unprofessional, but romantic.

The biggest barrier to Hathaway’s involvement would seem to be her schedule, with both Rock of Ages and The Dark Knight Rises, in which she is to play Catwoman, set to begin production in May. Playlist reports that if Hathaway is to make Rock of Ages work, she would sing Foreigner’s “I Want to Know What Love Is” in a duet with Cruise. I’m not certain what I should do with that information, but it’s out there now, so feel however you want to about it.

If Hathaway’s involvement doesn’t pan out, Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand are in talks to star as well, and their duet would (seriously) be “I Can’t Fight This Feeling,” so it looks like we’re going to get some big stars singing terrible songs together no matter what. Sleep easy, friends.

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