The producers of the film Hoodwinked are getting all Michael Moore on the Weinsteins by suing them for being all-around crappy people. The basis of the lawsuit is pretty boring, but it essentially says that the Weinsteins sabotaged the duo's follow-up film, Escape from Planet Earth by being incompetent and spiteful. Whatever. I think both those films probably did a good job of self-sabotaging.

In the lawsuit, available here if you're REALLY bored, tosses around a lot of words like "hubris," "prolifigate," and "contempt." HOWEVER, the lawsuit also strings together such words as, “(Harvey, a diabetic) attempted to consume an entire bowl of M&M candies,” and when a staffer tried to take the sugar away from the diabetic, the bowl was spilled in the commotion, and H-Wein fell to the floor to eat the confections from the ground. I don't know if that kind of behavior is illegal, but it sure is awesome. Celebrities! They're just like us! They eat floor candy! Also, the lawsuit claims they fall asleep during meetings, but that's kinda anticlimactic after the M&M thing.

The Weinsteins have denied all the charges, but the real test of truth will come in court when the complainant "accidentally" knocks over a basket of Hot Tamales. Then we'll find out what kind of man Harvey really is. (A.V. Club)