UPDATE: Check out new pics and a clip from the film!

There’s probably not much news about the Harry Potter films. If you’ve read the books, that’s probably going to be in the movie. But then, maybe you’re one of those who complain they didn’t film every single word of the book, so you want to manage your expectations. Well, Gemma Jones, who plays Madame Pomfrey, told us a little about the big magic battle in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part II.

“I did have to do a lot on fighting with my wand,” she said while promoting the Woody Allen comedy You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger. “At my age and station it was a very good workout. I’m fighting the Death Eaters with my wand so I had a good time.”

Madame Pomfrey is a small role, but at least you know she’s there in the end. She also appeared in Chamber of Secrets and Half-Blood Prince, so by the end she wanted to look after the kids, as they’re leaving school as it were.

“Well, I talked to Emma and Daniel on this last film because I was kind of maternally concerned for them because it’s such a huge experience and going to come to an end. I wasn’t there on the last day of the last shot but I think they were finding it very hard to take in that it was coming to an end. I hope they’ll be okay.”

They should be fine. Radcliffe’s become a pin-up boy for the ladies and Watson’s going to be a super genius in school. Otherwise, Jones just had tea with her fellow thespians in between massive takes on the set.

“It couldn’t be more different than having done this film with Woody but a wonderful repertory company of British actors in those films and a lot of people I know. Hell of amount of hanging about because the setups are so huge, so a lot of that was spent in each other’s trailers having a jolly good gossip and a very nice time. It’s like a huge juggernaut and military campaign getting it off the ground every day on set.

Harry Potter
concludes with Part II of The Deathly Hallows on July 15 next year, with Part I this November 19.