My grandmother used to tell me "if you give Harrison Ford a cowboy hat, he won't take it off when you want him to. He'll keep wearing it, again and again and again." Now, I finally know what she was talking about. The film prints of Cowboys & Aliens are barely dry, and Mr. Ford has signed on to play Wyatt Earp in Black Hats, based on the novel by Max Allan Collins. In it, Earp ends up in New York and has to go up against a young ne'er-do-well by the name of Al Capone.

[post-album postid="219136" item="1"]The movie will be penned by Kurt Johnstad, who also wrote the script for 300. Perhaps this means that Capone and Earp will team up against some Spartan soldiers. Let's not get ahead of ourselves, though. No word yet on who's going to play Al Capone. Maybe Mark Hamill? (Variety)