Here's some news that's sure to set the internet alight, like attack ships off the shores of Orion. According to Twitch, none other than Harrison Ford is in "early talks" to appear in Ridley Scott's revisiting of the "Blade Runner" mythos, presumably as the character he played in the first movie, Rick Deckard. This goes against what Alcon Entertainment's Andrew Kosove had to say on the subject last summer, but it would be really cool if it were true, right?

I believe in cautious optimism in cases like this, so I'm waiting until this story gets confirmed before plastering "He's Back!" fliers all over my town and buying stock in flying cars. Still, it would make sense that Ford would be interested in a project like this, since he hasn't had a big hit apart from the last Indiana Jones movie in a long time - and that movie also featured him reprising a popular character decades after the fact. It didn't have any flying cars, though. (The Playlist)