Forty-seven years ago today, a bouncing baby boy with the ability to time-travel, surf, defuse bombs, bend the fabric of the universe, and eat while crying was born. The miracle child I speak of is, of course, Keanu Reeves. The actor has brought so many characters to life, and sometimes it seems that he's done so without even really trying. Here are Keanu Reeves' 5 most iconic roles.

Ted Logan - Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure/Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey

If you wrote off Ted Logan and his Wyld Stallyns bandmate Bill S. Preston, Esquire, as a couple of dumb teens whose band would never amount to anything, you would be half right. Though they aren't the sharpest kids in San Dimas, they are the most important as it is their music that will go on to become the core of the future's Utopian society. Much in the same way that Nickelback will be man's undoing. This high-concept sci-fi comedy wasn't supposed to be that big of a deal, however, audiences loved it and it spawned an animated series, a sequel (with another on the way), and vaulted Keanu to heartthrob status. As for co-star Alex Winters, we always appreciated him for his mind.

Johnny Utah - Point Break

Reeves toed the water of action films with Kathryn Bigelow's Point Break. His intuition paid off as the film was a massive success thanks to his pairing with Patrick Swayze.  We'd like to think that Gary Busey had a little bit to do with it too, but he probably was really more of a liability. I can't believe they allowed him on a set with firearms and aerial stunts.

Jack Traven - Speed

This is where Keanu Reeves proved he could carry a film on his own. Stepping into Speed's lead role of Officer Jack Traven, Reeves starred with a then-unknown Sandra Bullock as a cop trying to stop an explosives-rigged bus from blowing up Alan Ruck and that lady you see in everything. The sky was the limit from here as Reeves was established as an A-list action star, which led to some pretty stupid action movies.

Neo - The Matrix Trilogy

But all was forgiven when Reeves took the lead in The Matrix. The Wachowski Brothers' love-letter to anime and science-fiction reinvented film-making in the 90's and reaffirmed Keanu as a box office heavyweight. Originally, the red pill was offered to Will Smith but he turned down the role. Thankfully. I'd much prefer a chilled out everyman surprised to learn he knows karate over a boisterous ass exclaiming how well he knows karate and how he makes it look good. Nicolas Cage also turned down the role which is a shame. If you all got a kick out of seeing Reeves fly, imagine Nic Cage taking flight.

Sad Keanu - The Internet

Unable to match the success of The Matrix Trilogy with his follow-up films that did not feature awesome kung-fu and gunplay, Reeves lucked into his biggest role of the last eight years. When the Internet got a hold of a picture of him looking sad while sitting on a bench and eating a sandwich, they went crazy with it. The Sad Keanu meme caught like wildfire, with Photoshopped images of the sullen star in a variety of situations appearing everywhere. It was so prevalent that fans actually began to worry for Reeves' happiness. Though, he was in good spirits months later when a reporter showed him the meme. He had no idea it had been happening but was pleasantly surprised and honored. Days later, another photo surfaced of Reeves with a goofy, rollerblading helmet on. I think he's just doing it to mess with us now. He's the coolest.


They can't all be winners. Films like Johnny Mnemonic, Chain Reaction, Constantine, A Scanner Darkly, and The Day The Earth Stood Still didn't prove as memorable. Therefore, we'll just pretend like they didn't happen. Somebody please forward that memo to TBS's movie schedulers.