Happy Birthday, Neo: The 5 Iconic Keanu Reeves Roles

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"Take them both, pussy." 

Forty-seven years ago today, a bouncing baby boy with the ability to time-travel, surf, defuse bombs, bend the fabric of the universe, and eat while crying was born. The miracle child I speak of is, of course, Keanu Reeves. The actor has brought so many characters to life, and sometimes it seems that he’s done so without even really trying. Here are Keanu Reeves‘ 5 most iconic roles.

Ted Logan – Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure/Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey

If you wrote off Ted Logan and his Wyld Stallyns bandmate Bill S. Preston, Esquire, as a couple of dumb teens whose band would never amount to anything, you would be half right. Though they aren’t the sharpest kids in San Dimas, they are the most important as it is their music that will go on to become the core of the future’s Utopian society. Much in the same way that Nickelback will be man’s undoing. This high-concept sci-fi comedy wasn’t supposed to be that big of a deal, however, audiences loved it and it spawned an animated series, a sequel (with another on the way), and vaulted Keanu to heartthrob status. As for co-star Alex Winters, we always appreciated him for his mind.

Johnny Utah – Point Break

Reeves toed the water of action films with Kathryn Bigelow‘s Point Break. His intuition paid off as the film was a massive success thanks to his pairing with Patrick Swayze.  We’d like to think that Gary Busey had a little bit to do with it too, but he probably was really more of a liability. I can’t believe they allowed him on a set with firearms and aerial stunts.

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