It got $200 million world wide, which really doesn't sound like that much, but studio execs at Paramount, never ones to take "really doesn't sound like that much" for an answer, have greenlit a sequel to 2012's Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters. It may or may not be a sound business decision, but it clearly was not a decision based on the artistic merits of the film, which was met with apathy and scorn by audiences and critics.

It's not easy to think that Jeremy Renner or Gemma Arterton will be returning, unless they're paid a metric ton of money, which the film probably can't afford to pay them, so expect a low budget and no names, a la all 700 of the Resident Evil sequels.

In more interesting news, Hansel and Gretel director Tommy Wirkola is off shooting a sequel to Dead Snow in Norway.

There. That's better.