The widely-anticipated Source Code, Duncan Jones' follow-up to Moon, shows Jake Gyllenhaal running away from photographs that are trying to eat him. Which is always a tricky situation. Jake plays an operative who becomes embedded in the last eight minutes of a man's life in order to both solve a crime and prevent another one, but to do so, he must relive those minutes over and over in order gather clues. So the photos are clues. Or keepsakes. Only time will tell. (Coming Soon)

Today also marks the release of a poster for Hanna, starring Eric Bana and Saoirse Ronan, in which a girl (Ronan) is trained to kill her CIA agent father (Bana). By all accounts, the movie is supposed to be exceptional, and the poster does those sentiments justice. The simplicity of it is striking, as are Ronan's baby blues. (Film School Rejects)