‘Hangover III’ Could Find Zach G.’s ‘Alan’ In An Asylum

Wednesday, June 8 by

As would surprise very few after the success of The Hangover: Part II, project mascot and comedian Zach Galifianakis has learned that the creative process for the next installment of the presumed trilogy is already underway.

Todd Phillips spoke during press for the sequel, saying that he would like the third installment to take a dark turn away from the formula of the first two entries, and Zach G.’s recent interview with Rolling Stone indicates that’s the case. Probably.

The hairy cherub said that he heard that the next Hangover would entail the balance of the wolfpack busting Zach’s character Alan out of a mental institution. I’m getting flashes of Bottle Rocket, which might indicate some derivation, but after the by-the-numbers second installment, a little ambition from the producers might not be a bad thing.

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However, considering The Hangover: Part II recently became the highest-grossing comedy ever (even with an R rating), expect some tug-o’-war between the producers’ ambition and a studio that wants to stick with something proven to work.

If the third one does take place in a mental hospital, the role of the baby/monkey could very easily just morph into a midget with severe depression.

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