There was some worry among fans of The Hangover that it wouldn't be seen on its intended release date on May 26th, due to a lawsuit from the creator of Mike Tyson's infamous facial tattoo, which was co-opted by Ed Helms for the movie. Here's Warner Bros. in a statement on the good (for everyone but the tattoo artist) news:[post-album postid="211753" item="1"]
"We are very gratified by the Court's decision which will allow the highly anticipated film, The Hangover Part II to be released on schedule this week around the world. Plaintiff's failed attempt to enjoin the film in order to try and extract a massive settlement payment from Warner Bros. was highly inappropriate and unwarranted."

There you have it. If I were that tattoo artist, I'd definitely buy a ticket for something else and sneak into The Hangover Part II this weekend. (Deadline)