‘Hangover 2′ Crash Puts Stuntman In Critical Condition

Monday, December 27 by

Australian stuntman Scott McLean was rushed to a Thai hospital after a botched car crash on the set of The Hangover Part II left him in an induced coma. Warner Bros. said in a statement Monday that there was an accident involving a car and a truck. McLean was injured and taken by ambulance to a local hospital, and has since been transported to a hospital in Bangkok. As of right now, his prognosis is positive. The recent rain before the stunt is believed to have caused the skid.

McLean is a veteran stunt performer who has worked on movies such as The Matrix, Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones, Superman Returns and Ghost Rider. If he made it through Attack of the Clones unscathed, I’m certain he’s strong enough to make it through anything. (TheWrap)

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